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For over 40 years, Apave has been the benchmark partner for all parties involved in the French nuclear sector one of the largest in the world with its 19 power plants and 58 units, its research and combustible production sites. The Apave teams work with designers/manufacturers, operators and project owners.

Apave holds numerous accreditations, certifications and approvals that are necessary to serve the nuclear industry.

Experience in the international market: Inspection of components fabricated for the EPR in Finland, Llyod’s Register Apave (Independent Third Party Inspection Agency for the UK EPR), projects in Russia, Japan, China, Italy, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, India, Malaysia, etc., managed either from France or from our different subsidaries around the world.

Experience of major international projects: ITER project, the JHR (experimental Jules Horowitz Reactor), Megajoule Laser, EPR Flamanville 3, management of the international consortium of third-party companies IQSE (International Quality Safety Environment), permanent Apave teams work at Japan Steel Works, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

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