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Tracked public transport

The French Ministry of Infrastructure is calling on tracked public transport managers to evaluate the safety of their metros, tramways and tracked buses. Within the scope of this regulation, Apave and Certifer have joined forces to carry out evaluation services for the safety of users and residents in the capacity of Experts or Approved Qualified Bodies known as EOQA.

The Apave and Certifer teams have developed together an all-round specific offer to accompany you in your projects and in the management of your public transport systems:

  • • Study, design and construction phase
  • • Implementation and test phase
  • • Exploitation phase
  • • Safety and conformity evaluation
  • • Audits

Apave is offering special solidity and safety check assignments as an ATSB (Approved Technical Supervision Body). Certifer, a Railway Certification Agency, is an Accredited and Qualified Body. Certifer, in partnership with Apave, is offering EOQA assignments and voluntary certifications.

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