About Apave International

For the past 20 years Apave has been working to develop its services on the international market, having operated for 150 years in France.

This strategy initially resulted in a network of subsidiaries providing locally-based services to our customers. Apave International, the main structure which ensures the development of the group’s services on the international market, was created in 2010 and marked a crucial phase. It demonstrated the willingness of Apave’s leadership to have the tools they needed to boost Apave’s ability to extend its activities beyond French borders, and to become or remain the leader in our field in more areas around the globe.

As part of this, and to give a structure to our strategy, Apave International has decided to create an Integrated Management System. This system will be an essential tool for both management and staff at Apave International, enhancing the reliability of our organisation and services.

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